Welcome to Exire, a world shaped by the great Architects, and then abandoned by them. In their wake lay war and conflict as races of men and beast fight for power. Some parts of the world have learned to live together and work towards a more prosperous future. Other parts...have not. What part will you play as the future of Exire unfolds?


  1. Roleplay Forums

    1. The World of Exire

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      Begin your story here.

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  2. Site Information

    1. The Call Board

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      "Here ye, here ye! Come one, come all, news awaits to be read."

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    2. Reviewer's Circle

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      Players may submit their threads here for reviewing, ask questions about reviews and apply for reviewer status.

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    3. The Wiki

      The Wiki contains detailed information on the Lore of Exire.

  3. New Players

    1. Introductions

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      Make sure you introduce yourself to the lovely people of the site! Let us know how you stumbled upon us, what you're most excited about, and what you like the most about Exire. Also, don't be afraid to ask for a little help here. You're sure to get it!

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  4. Character Resources

    1. Character Sheets

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      Player-character sheets are posted and found here, giving all players and moderators a directory from which to view other player-characters.

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    2. Character Business Plans

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      Want to own your own business? Use this forum to post your character's business plan write-ups.

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    3. Plotnotes

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      This is a place where all OOC knowledge of a character should be placed. Need to organise a character's goals and motivations for the coming season? Need to write out their motivations and aspirations longhand? Need to organise a large event? Post here to do so without judgement.

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  5. Player Resources

    1. Player Organizers

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      OOC Player Accounts are posted here and can be used as another platform to organise a player's thoughts, though in a more broad and vague manner. This is a player's personal corner where they can chat with other players, post encouraging messages, or just get in contact with one another.

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    2. Matchmaking

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      Looking for a roleplay partner to thread with you? Need someone to be the sidekick to your hero character? Organising an event and want players to know about it ahead of time? Place a detailed AD here!

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    3. Aesthetics

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  6. Exire Development

    1. World Development

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      Articles pertaining to the development of the universe of Exire are posted here to be seen by the whole of the community.

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    2. Bugs & Suggestions

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      See something wrong with the site? Notice something that you would like to revise or suggest? Let us know here.

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    3. Player Workshops

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      Exire is an active world and is in constant, ever-changing motion. However, for this to happen new ideas need to be introduced. Thus, this sub-forum has been created to give each Architect and Player a space where they can store their ideas and drafts.

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  7. Out of Character

    1. Exire Discussion

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      All Exire related, yet general chatter should be freely posted here.

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    2. General Discussion

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      All general discussions not directly pertaining to Exire can be found here. Feel free to start a thread about almost anything abiding by the rules of the forum.

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    3. Questions & Answers

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      Any questions directly related to Exire should be asked here by newer players before being asked at the Support Desk. We ask that you rely on your fellow players for each of you have been new players at one point or another.

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