Alpha Launch

Hello, one and all, and welcome to Exire!

We are currently in the Alpha Stage of launch. This means that, while we are open for roleplay, there are still many things left for the team to complete before the core concepts of the world and the site as a whole are ready for full launch. At this time, the team will be working on developing the key lore of Exire, including magic, races, nations, and much more. We are also setting up the technical aspects of the board.

During this time, you are allowed to create characters and begin playing. Listed below are guidelines and information regarding what players should do and expect during our Alpha stage:
  • Character Sheets should be posted in their designated forum.
    • The CS review system is not yet in place. At this point, because much of the lore and game mechanics are still considered WIP, your sheet need not be finished before beginning play.
  • [Misthaven] (and its surrounding territories) is the only location currently open for any type of play. Find its forum here.
  • Our thread grading system is not yet in place. Please simply track your finished threads in your CS or Plotnotes and be ready to submit them once this feature has launched.
  • Please refrain from utilizing features of the lore that are not yet complete or near completion, namely magics and races, unless approved by an Architect.
Feel free to message a team member or utilize the Support Desk if you have any questions or concerns. You can also message another player or team member to be added to our Discord where we have a helpful and sociable chat channel.

Stay tuned for updates as we move through Alpha!
Kill your darlings.

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