Viktos Cantenata [WIP]

the Basics
Viktos Cantenata

Race: Noiros
Gender: Male
Age: 117
Birthday: 57th of Air, 500 RE
Birthplace: Irasshei - The Dark Kingdom
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 189#
Languages: Fluent - Aldassan, Echovian; Basic - Emasis

Profession: Hunter of Slaves & Monsters [pending approval]
Wealth: Common
Housing: Misthaven; Ruby District.
the Character
Viktos is typical of his race. Pale skin, dark hair and a tall, lean frame are the only things anyone can truly say about the man. His face is always behind a mask of Ileino. It's somewhat ornate in appearance with swirling filigree pulling at the eye's focus. The pattern loosely resembles the feathers of a raven but is rather mundane compared to most of the masks worn by other Noiros. Rarely is Viktos uncovered. He presents as a strange sight within the city since his attire is cloth and armor fitted to blend in to the forest which surrounds Misthaven. This includes various shades of greens, blues, grays and blacks. His armor is solid black except for the rub marks and scuffs which signify the "well-loved" quality of his gear. The same can be said for the man's boots and pack but everything appears to be whole. He uses shreds of cloths to pad his armor and to hold his clothing in place. His attire is not tailored so the scraps provide a better fit as well as additional padding on areas like the arms and legs. This also deadens a great deal of sound in Viktos' movements which is useful for his trade. While Noiros are often seen as deviants, the calm stance that Viktos holds as his normal posture is coupled with the seriousness of a rather large spear tipped in black metal. The Ileino blade is simply average in his homeland but it is just another thing that stands out when Viktos is amidst the throngs of people in the city. The Noiros tries his best to keep to the shadows for it is there where he feels most at home.
Viktos is a being who appreciates quiet and subtlety. He also enjoys the fulfillment of order and logic. His people are governed by a strict set of laws. The magic he uses has rules that must be followed and lives to serve the purpose of the Raven Queen. Curious by nature, Viktos will almost always linger to try and learn any tidbit of knowledge. This is both a virtue and a flaw since the world is so treacherous when one is easily distracted. It's a drive for information that may one dy lead to the Noiros stepping outside of his rules but that has yet to happen. Viktos looks dangerous and just might be but hes rarely aggressive or loud which deepens the shroud of mystery that surrounds him. Viktos does not care of debauchery in the way that many around him do. Gambling, whoring and drunken revelries don't excite him but it does provide a steady stream of work. Viktos tends to regard everyone and every situation with a detached reason that is as cold as it is effective. He is ever mindful of his symbiosis and uses tactics to mitigate risks in his duties.
the Skills
"Talents are useless without a will to guide them."
Skill Starting Acquired Total Rank
LANGUE DE BEOUF 26 # 26 Journeyman
TRACKING 8 # 8 Novice
KUKRI 5 # 5 Novice
HUNTING 5 # 5 Novice
Skill Starting Acquired Total Rank
SKILLNAME # # # ~~
Skill Starting Acquired Total Rank
TACTICS 9 # 9 Novice
Skill Starting Acquired Total Rank
DRAWING 5 # 5 Novice
Skill Starting Acquired Total Rank
WAKENING 14 # 14 Novice
IMPETUS 10 # 10 Novice
DISTORTION 10 # 10 Novice
Favor(Pending Approval)
Skill Starting Acquired Total Rank
REVENAAN Pathfinder # # Acolyte
Skill Starting Acquired Total
DISPERSION ~~ Racial ~~
the Inventory
"The heart assigns objects value more often than the mind. This is why women are so expensive." The first twenty items were included from the starting package. Viktos started in common living expense so the conditions of these items will reflect that status in quality.
  1. Langue de Beouf; Ileino
  2. Kukri; Ileino
  3. Sheath; leather, attaches to thigh
  4. Gauntlets; black leather
  5. Greaves; black leather
  6. Cuirass; black leather
  7. Water skin; hide
  8. Rucksack; leather
  9. Rope; harsh, 50'
  10. Flint & Steel
  11. Cowl; black leather, thin leather cord tie-up
  12. Shirt; V-neck, long-sleeve, green, cotton
  13. Pants; relaxed fit, black, cotton
  14. Belt; leather, buckle
  15. Boots; black leather, mid-calf
  16. Vial; glass, 1cup
  17. Vial; glass, 1cup
  18. Vial box; wood, slightly padded to hold four 1 cup vials
  19. Bedroll; burlap, wool stuffed
  20. Body wraps; cotton, various colors, equal to a blanket of material
"Free and easy? Ha! Nothing free is ever good and doing good is never easy."
Gain/Lose Item Reason Date
Reward/Debit What? Why? xx Season xxx RE
Reward/Debit What? Why? xx Season xxx RE
Reward/Debit What? Why? xx Season xxx RE
Reward/Debit What? Why? xx Season xxx RE
the Record
"Only cowards want to know where the road leads. Me? I want to know what it has seen."
At Home in the Darkness

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