Heading into the Unknown

The information for this quest is not complete, but that is by design.

There is still a lot you don't know. This quest is not even currently open for sign-ups. If you are curious though, if you can't help but want to pry, then there is certainly a way you can. In order to make this quest available, certain conditions must be met. Those conditions will be listed further below.

We live on a placid island of ignorance in the midst of black seas of infinity, and it was not meant that we should voyage far.


Gnarled fingers lovingly stroked the skull that was nestled in his lap, tender touches taking their time with savoring the sensation. The visitor watched him impatiently, a single foot tapping, ready to receive what he had came here for so that he could be gone. He did not wish to linger in this ivy-infested fortress, the constant ringing of belltowers having caused a headache hours ago.

"How like the mind is this fortress, no? Solid apparently, and holding many things within, all of which are quite well defended! But then when you look closely, very closely, you can see little places where it has grown old and cracked. That is how the worms get in, you know. They just wiggle in through the cracks." The stranger continued to caress the skull as he spoke, words hoarse and somehow sounding brittle to the ear. A heavy cloak and hood left everything but his long fingers shrouded, but the visitor was not particularly curious about what might lie beneath. Not when he had finally found the man who knew where all the pieces were. His foot continued to tap against the stone floor, lips parting to speak before he was cut off by a single pale finger that the stranger held up. "There, there. I know. Like you, once I clamored for knowledge. There was something I desperately needed to know and the answer was given. All the answers were given. I can impart these answers to you," His soft and polite tone suddenly shifted, taking on a pleading note as he continued without pause, "and it will be yours to keep and to safeguard." The pleading tone took on an edge of desperation as he paused, hand trembling as it stroked the skull. "I could not contain all the things I was given to hold. I can't contain them any further. Please, I will give you any portion you wish. Just ease the burden."

The visitor eagerly leaned forward, nodding quickly, eyes glittering with delight. Finally, the time had come! "Go ahead, speak. Tell me of what I wish to know. Tell me how to make it love me." At his words, the head of the stranger went limp suddenly, slouching to the side, a sigh of relief escaping from his throat.

Then without warning the visitor was beset, reaping words that leapt from the mouth of the stranger in a visible black stream. Their meanings writhed through the air and then burrowed into his mind, wiggling and squirming down, carving their meaning into his very neurons. Things that were never meant to be known were viciously laid bare, naked and jagged. As he crumbled to his knees, one tiny piece of him still held on, only to realize that he should have never wanted this. His skull spasmed and twitched, as if the very bone itself was trying to seek escape from the knowledge that he was being given. He now realized it, realized what an insignificant bag of flesh and spasming bone that he was. Why would it have ever loved him?

He was a weak man.

In order for this quest to become available and for more information to be revealed, a single condition must be met. The Head of the Simulacra must be found by at least a single character. It does not matter how or where the Head is found, only that it is discovered and taken. This occurrence must happen in an RP that has at least one other character involved. It does not have to be an RP dedicated to the event of the character finding the Head, the event can occur in any RP they wish. A moderator is not needed in order to find the item. The description of the item is as follows:

The Head of the Simulacra appears to be the head of a human statue. It is made of an unknown material that resembles blue ivory and feels like bone. The eyes of the head are a milky white, appearing surprisingly organic for a carving. Upon first glance there is something sickening about the statue, but the sensation almost immediately goes away, soon turning into a distant memory.

If a player makes a post that fulfills these conditions, they can post to this topic with a link to the post in question. Once the condition is fulfilled, other players may still fulfill it with one of their characters, as if the item is somehow being found by multiple people in completely different places all at once. Roughly 3 days after the condition is met for the first time, this thread will be locked for a short period of time while the next steps unfold. If there are any questions, feel free to PM me directly.

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