NPC: Martin De Vos

Martin De Vos

Martin is a dilligent and grim detective and administrator for the Mages Registrations Office in the Sunstone Quarter based out of Amethyst.

Having seen much of what dark sorcery can do in his line of work, he has become both very competent and quite rude in his dealings with those whom he suspects of being threats, whether because of actual actions or their apparent ambitions.

He dresses mostly in black and gray leathers, with a rather prominent wand attached to his belt, along with notepads and writing implements. He has an angular and not all-together unpleasant face if it weren't for it's suspicious look and the light dark stubble usually touching his cheeks. His greasy black hair is split by a line of purple denoting his upbringing in the Amethyst Quarter as a native of Misthaven. He is of average height and build, but seems taller due to his authoritive demeanour and large black boots which suits his ego.

Using his Aesthesia and intelligence Martin investigates magical anomalies and disturbances, calling in reinforcements for greater threats and arrests although capable in his own right if a scrap should arise.

Skills: Aesthesia 50, Conjuration 35, Investigation 30, Swordsmanship 30, Mesmerism 25
Picture to be determined. Suggestions welcome. Perhaps further development of the organisation he is employed by is neccesary and desired?

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