Misthaven Location: The Good Mornings Inn

The Good Mornings Inn
In a mid-range section of the Ruby quarter stands a large building with a central domed roof. The ornately gated and curtained windows as well as the subtly patterned crimson paint betray the success of the contained establishment. While most of the brothels in the Ruby Quarter rent rooms by the hour, Good Mornings unconditionally rents them by the night, with a free brunch and generous check-out time the next day. The Inn opens for business in the early evening and two of their three galleries open soon after with the start of hourly burlesque performances. Dinner can be ordered as a companion to the earlier shows, but the establishment isn’t known for its dinner fare. Instead, most drink while taking in their entertainment. There are three performance rooms, designated by color:

Pink: Female performers. Often beginner performers, ones a bit past their prime, or ‘specialty’ acts later in the evening. Specialty adds a creative element to burlesque, such as involving physical feats or other tricks. While these shows may be more interesting, the performers are available as night companions for almost always a lower price than those in the Red or Blue Rooms.

Blue: Male performers. Blue performers are rarely inexperienced, due to the limit of a single room. Performances are often that - more elaborate shows involving costumes and audience participation. Groups of women are welcomed and expected often.

Red: Female performers. The best performances that Good Mornings has to offer are here, and as such, the Red Room only opens in the later evening. The style of performance becomes more heavily erotic as the night goes on, bordering the line between burlesque and strip by the end of the night.

While the rooms are laid out mostly the same, the color of the curtain indicates their designated room color. Each room is dominated by a semi-circular stage lit up with large lanterns and strategic mirrors. Around the stage are tables with individual lanterns, to keep the majority of the light and focus on the stage. While the chairs are comfortable enough, there is a VIP section close to the stage with plushier armchairs. The room as a whole is lush with pillows, drapes, and glass sequins sparkling from every corner. The building has a circular center with the three performance rooms each taking a third, and the guest rooms sprawling down hallways outside the inner circle.

During performances, guests can alert their waiters or waitresses if they would like to bid on any of the performers for that night, and the bids for each performer close at the end of their last performance, unless the performer decides to accept a particular bid earlier. The wait staff are also available as companions, but for a flat fee instead of a bidding structure. Behind the scenes, it is a sought-after promotion to move from wait staff to performer, and the owners have internal auditions every season. Performing is far more taxing, but always fetches a higher price.

After any show, guests may retire to their rented room for the night with their chosen companion (or companions, if the purse is deep enough). Companions rarely sleep the night with their guests, though they may if requested. The guest’s beds are more plush than their own, but if they stay, they may be asked to perform duties at any time during the night. In the late morning, the purchased companion will personally serve breakfast from the house kitchen to the guest in their bedroom, unless specifically requested otherwise. While the house’s dinner fare is nothing special, the breakfast is known to be above average.
Nadia Tashfin
Skills: Negotiation 20, Dance 10, Singing 10, Cooking 10
Temperament: Nadia is a shrewd businesswoman who took Good Mornings from a common brothel to the fine establishment it is today. She is typically shrouded in a haughty demeanor and general coldness, but if needed, can quickly turn on the charm she learned in her own (younger) days as a dancing girl.
Geis: None
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