Lycus Morais

the Basics
Lycus Morais
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 21
Birthday: 73 Wood, 598
Birthplace: Craeth, Amarantis
Echovian: Fluent
Amarantine: Fluent
Israni: Poor

Profession: Spire Mage (Rank: Thaumaturge)
Wealth: Affluent
the Character
Friends and sycophants would call him stylish. Enemies and rivals would call him pathologically vain. Lycus, on the other hand, prefers the word ‘aware’ when it comes to his impeccable personal grooming, and if there were a God of Style and Fashion, Lycus would surely be his Avatar a thousand times over. His wardrobe leans towards simple but opulent suits and shirts, he runs through clothing faster than any of the lovely brides-to-be he has managed to sabotage or drive away over the years, and the most action his Merezin Familiar, Queimar, will see on an average day is emitting the steam needed for his daily heat facial treatment. He is unkempt only when it is stylistically prudent to be so, untidy only when it is aesthetically favorable, and every perceived mess in his personal image is coldly calculated for the intended effect.

Loved or hated, respected or disdained, the heavy investment into his personal grooming commands attention wherever he goes - and he would have it no other way.

They say Lycus takes his best physical features from his long-dead father, a one-time paramour of Venaesia Morais; tall, handsome, lean and fit without really trying, with curly, wavy brown hair. His eyes (and his stare), on the other hand, are pure Morais like his mother's: grey, sharp, and unblinking; filled with an impersonal, unquenchable hunger.
Lycus Morais is three-quarters of the perfect Morais heir: charismatic, a strong mage growing stronger still, and remarkably well-read. The last quarter that he is missing, the last quarter that is the ever-persistent bane of his demanding mother, is his complete lack of ability –or inclination– towards politics, governing responsibility, and anything resembling future leadership of the House. Lycus behaves as if he were a fourth borne son with nothing to inherit and nothing to lose; he throws himself into his passions, his arcane studies, his hobbies, his dalliances and trysts, with seemingly no concern over how his behavior could and would affect the image and reputation of House Morais. He resents how the climb up the Spire hierarchy and his position as Morais heir is so intrinsically linked, and he resents his mother for her perceived hypocrisy in delegating house matters to his uncle Rigalis, while expecting him to excel in both the arcane and the domestic.

Above all else, Lycus is curious. Curious about the arcane, curious about life outside the nobility, curious about the world beyond, and curious about how the other man lives, curious about the experiences that have been denied him while within the walls of House Morais. For all his intense vanity and personal preening, he is surprisingly open-minded to new experiences, and more than willing to engage in activities far below his station in the name of a new experience. Taboo fascinates him, the lives of the less well-off intrigue him, and much of it is borne of the belief that life is about seeking challenge, about breaking new personal frontiers, about emerging each day having earned something; a new friend, a new outlook towards life, a new breakthrough in magical studies. Politics, on the other hand, is stagnancy as far as he is concerned. It is the degradation of character. It is the death keel to real growth. Lycus may often come across as spoiled and vain and entitled, but he has never fancied himself a liar or a callous mover of pieces, and it is this empathy that has forestalled his growth as both an Astral Summoner and especially as an Abyssal summoner, despite his immense talent at both Temporal magecraft.
Born as heir to to House Morais, discovered with an archanum core, sent off to the spire at a young age, trained to be a mage, Lycus' Morais life seemed set from the day he was born.... and it took him awhile to discover how unhappy he was with it.
the Skills
Skillitsfuckingtables Starting Acquired Total Ranksodumb
Archery 5 - 5 Novice
Unarmed Combat 5 - 5 Novice
Weapon: Rapier 5 - 5 Novice
Skillitsfuckingtables Starting Acquired Total Ranksodumb
Charisma 40 - 40 Journeyman
Negotiation 5 - 5 Novice
Skillitsfuckingtables Starting Acquired Total Ranksodumb
History 5 - 5 Novice
Magical Theory 5 - 5 Novice
Perception 5 - 5 Novice
Skillitsfuckingtables Starting Acquired Total Ranksodumb
skill # # # novice
Skillitsfuckingtables Starting Acquired Total Ranksodumb
Astral Smmoning 50 - 50 Journeyman
Abyssal Summoning 50 - 50 Journeyman
Experience Bank
type awarded total
physical awarded total
the Inventory
  • Thaumaturge's robes
  • Set of fine clothing x 5
  • Fine cloak
  • Fine leather boots
  • Fine leather satchel
  • Fine leather bound journal
  • Fine modified falconry gauntlet
  • Fine shortbow
  • Fine shortbow arrows x 30
  • Fine steel rapier
  • Fine metal drinking flask
  • Gold signet ring with the insignia of House Morais
  • Grey Talyndite Chunk x 3
  • Red Talyndite Chunk x 1
  • Literature - Blue Magic: The High-born Mages of Amarantis
  • Literature - The Astral Covenant
  • Literature - The Name of the Beast: The Abyssal Bestiary
  • Set of toiletries
  • Small silver mirror
Credit/Debit Item Reason Date
Credit/Debit What Why Date
the Record

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