Jaime Cativo

the Basics
Jaime Cativo di Craeth
race: human
gender: male
age: twenty-three
birthday: 1st of Air, 596
birthplace: Craeth, Amarantis
languages: fluent Echovian and Amarantine

profession: spire mage
wealth: affluent
housing: somewhere
the Character
Jaime has a face that should, by all rights, be considered attractive. Most, however, tend to describe him as unsettling. His sharp, grey eyes are often fixed in a relentless stare that rarely softens, and, while he is unarguably polite, he has a way of sounding and seeming quite the opposite. In passing, he presents a striking figure, clad in expensive - though decidedly drab - suits and moving with the sort of confidence that only comes from a pursuit of purpose. His life as a ward of House Morais and, more accurately, the constant companion of the House's heir has seen to it that his body is well maintained, posture correct, hygiene exceptional, and general aura commanding. The longer one spends in his company, however, the more likely one might notice that his attentions never stray far from his lord and rarely ever linger on anyone else.

He is average of height, athletically built, and has a exceptionally strong grip. While he usually wears shirts and jackets, there is a large, crooked scar along his left forearm as well as several small, circular scars speckled across the backs of both of his calves. His voice is usually quiet, strong in tone, and most often used to reprimand or remind. He keeps a pair of reading glasses in his breast pocket more often than not, but only wears them for brief periods of time and, if he can help it, when he is alone.
Jaime is alarmingly attentive. He has a knack for assessment and correction - whether these be in the shortcomings of a spell, a social interaction, or preventing a bar fight before it even starts. While he is most often focused on the needs - and, quite often, the dangers that come with them - of his lord, his tendency to fix things often spills over. Some find him helpful, others find him overbearing, and he finds himself perpetually busy - which is how he prefers it.

A bright child and discerning young man, he approaches any problem under the assumption that it can be solved. The concept of "impossible" escapes him, and he sees to it that any other who would be so simple as to entertain such an idea be corrected of their foolishness in the process. This is not to say, however, that things come easily for him. His progress is marked in sweat and blood and years upon years of frustration. Everything he is today has been earned, or so he believes, but he is, at the same time, painfully aware that a mistake, big or small, could send everything tumbling down.

Rather than succumb to despair or, worse, paranoia, he seems to attack tasks like one might an enemy. Such ardor bodes poorly in his personal life - what little he has - and has left him at odds with those who would seek to have a relationship with him - romantic, platonic, or otherwise. He often is aware of what people want him to say or do; he just doesn't always understand the reasoning behind it, leading many to consider him rude or standoffish. Though he is admittedly bothered by such allegations, he has found that the harder he tries to correct people, more of than not, the worse things become. It is an ongoing struggle he continues to face, but he has confidence that, eventually, he will find a way to work it all out.
The seventh son of the vassal House Cativo, Jaime was sent as a ward of House Morais to serve as a foster sibling - or, more accurately, child butler - to the Morais heir. Everything Lycus did, Jaime was expected to do as well. When it was time for Lycus to study at the spire, Jaime accompanied him, unaware of just how lucky he was that he too possessed an archanium core, as his life without it would have been very very different. Magic did not come easily to him, nor did academic study, but challenge was often more invigorating a stimulant for him than the actual materials that were challenging him; to say Jaime excelled during his childhood in the Spire puts too little emphasis on his struggles, but such is the way when results are comparable to the brilliant, effortless escapades of his Morais brother.

A thaumaturge now, Jaime spends his days lugged about Vael Amaran, chasing after all manner of Lycus' - though, officially, the Spire's - whims.
the Skills
skillitsfuckingtables starting acquired total ranksodumb
athleticism 30 - 30 journeyman
endurance 5 - 5 novice
dexterity 5 - 5 novice
skillitsfuckingtables starting acquired total ranksodumb
etiquette 5 - 5 novice
skillitsfuckingtables starting acquired total ranksodumb
insight 30 - 30 journeyman
perception 30 - 30 journeyman
discipline 5 - 5 novice
skillitsfuckingtables starting acquired total ranksodumb
skill # # # novice
skillitsfuckingtables starting acquired total ranksodumb
astral aummoning 40 - 40 journeyman
conjury 30 - 30 journeyman
Experience Bank
type awarded total
physical awarded total
the Inventory
  • thaumaturge's robes
  • set of fine clothing x5
  • fine cloak
  • fine leather boots
  • illuli conduit
  • silver band
  • fine leather satchel
  • fine leather bound journal
  • fine steel knife x2
  • fine metal drinking flask
  • carrier pigeon
  • reading glasses
  • set of toiletries
  • small silver mirror
credit/debit item reason date
creditdebit what why date
the Record

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