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Welcome to Exire!

Those that dwell on Exire are a stubborn people, clinging desperately to life on their world through world-shattering calamity after calamity. Exire's history is one of vanishing progenitors, bleeding suns and warring dragons. Through undead plague and world-breaking storm the peoples of Exire have preserved in civilizations that survive and thrive.

The lands of Exire are vast, populated with kingdoms, city-states and nomadic tribes. Along with humans, Exire is home to a diverse array of races, from the night-kissed Noiros to the death-denied Duslach and the remote wild Etain, reaching from lands as majestic and renowned as the star-worshiping Amarantis to the perpetual debates of Cernos Amalgam to the mage-hating people of Vol; this world is vast and filled with unique and visceral culture.

But the old cataclysms linger on Exire. The dark child born from the sun's dripping wound digs her shadowy talons into the world while the enigmatic god of the undead spreads his minions with unknowable intent. From the sea, the song of the beast that broke the coastlines of Exire seduces sailors into servitude and spawns horrible beasts of the sea in the sunken capital of a dead people.

But the Exirian people are resilient, and they will survive this too. Soldiers, sorcerers or stonemasons, there's plenty of room for everyone. So come on in. Let's tell a story together...

Browse the links below to get a comprehensive view of Exire: the people, the magic, and the gods that inhabit it. There’s a lot to go through, but a good place to start would be Abbreviated History, Races, and Character Creation. Once you have an idea of the character you want to build, visit the Magic List and Pantheon to learn how magic and dieties fit into the everyday life of your PC. Finally, make sure you visit the Attribute and Skill Guide to learn how to write threads that will level up your character’s skills.

When you’re ready to break into the world and make your mark, reach out via the Introductions forum to make yourself known!

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Our Goal To You, the Players

We would like to thank you, the reader, for taking the time to look over our site. We, the staff on Exire, want to make this place wholesome, exciting and unique in both quality and quantity. We strive to make a safe space for writers and creators alike, and a community that fosters growth and imagination. We know many of us might have come from less unified forums and sites in the roleplaying realm, but given the chance, we think Exire can hopefully become your next home. We welcome guests, transient readers and writers of all shapes and kinds. Let's build a world together that we can be proud of!

May the words be with you,

-Exire Staff

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The Exire fantasy RPG roleplay forums can be found here.